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A Fairy Bug Garden Tea Party

Isabella wanted a Fairy Bug Garden Tea Party for her 4th birthday. Since the children had been very busy in our garden and we had plenty of plants and dirt, this was an easy one.I can’t BELIEVE I did not take photos of the food. Except for these fairy sized cupcakes. Unfortunately I’ve long forgotten the specifics, but it included finger sandwiches and heart shaped watermelon and cantaloupe. Oh yes, and PINK MILK! That was a hit!
We kept it generic fairy but Isabella REALLY wanted Tinkerbell plates, so we obliged. And added some garden implements, ivy and a little tea party for the fairies as a centerpiece.

When they guests arrived, they had to look through the front yard for a gnome. They also hunted for bright plastic bugs for their fairy gardens, thus the nets.

I bought the Klutz book, “Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself” and ordered a few extra sets of materials.

Once inside, we taught the girls how to assemble their very own fairies. I found it easier to make the heads ahead of time, as the hair took a bit of finesse.

Armed with bugs and fairies, we headed out to the back yard to make the gardens.

Each guest picked a basket to fill with dirt. I placed baskets of natural materials out as well as trays of tiny plants and flowers.

They lined their baskets with plastic, shoveled in the dirt and went to town!

We also had a little table where kids coule make signs using alphabet pasta. This one (below) say Tinkerbell’s Garden.

Add water, add fairy in swing and voila – a fairy bug garden!

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