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Reindeer Food


Need a cute gift for classmate gifts? Something to put in a goodie bag? Or just looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? How about making Reindeer food! This little bag of oats and sprinkles is sure to guide Santa’s sleigh to your home.


What You Will Need:

Oatmeal, uncooked

ziploc baggies

small, individually wrapped candy canes (we use two per bag of reindeer food)

candy sprinkles

ribbon or yarn

paper for gift tags


1. Pour a a spoonful of candy sprinkles into a ziploc bag.


2. Add a scoop (about 1/4 cup) of oatmeal to the bag.


3. Smash the candy canes with the back of a spoon while they are still inside their wrapper. Trust me.


Add the crushed candy cane to the bag and secure with ribbon or yarn. Make it look prettier by cutting off the ziploc zipper on the top.


I have the kids draw a reindeer, scan it and copy it multiple times onto a word processing page. I also make copies of a poem that I found on a website. There are several versions out there, but I like this one.


Magic Reindeer Food

Sprinkle on the lawn at night

The moon will make it sparkle bright

As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam

This will guide them to your home

I help the kids cut the poems and drawings. I also cut little squares of red paper, then have the kids glue the drawing on one side and the poem on the other. Punch a hole and string the tag on the ribbon. Its a cute way to tell others what to DO with the food!

On Christmas Eve, right after we lay a plate of cookies out for Santa, we head out to the driveway to sprinkle the reindeer food. And, what do you know, it is GONE the next day!!!



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