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An Easter Basket Decorating Party

Last March, we had some friends over for an Easter basket decorating party. We supplied the baskets, flowers and decorating supplies and asked our friends to bring some ribbon to share.


We had ribbons of many colors, artificial flowers, little wooden chalkboard tags, stickers in various “spring” shapes, and foam Easter eggs.





Everyone grabbed a basket and went to town.

DSC_0372 DSC_0373 DSC_0376

After the guests decorated their baskets, we took a snack break. Each family brought a dish to share and Isabella made bunny cupcakes as a treat.


When lunch was over, we cleared the plates and let the kids decorate sugar cookies to take home. While this was happening, one of the adults snuck out and hid plastic eggs all over the yard.

DSC_0358 DSC_0398 DSC_0390

It was time for the Easter egg hunt. The kids followed the signs to the front yard, where dozens of eggs were hidden.

DSC_0363 DSC_0366-2 DSC_0359



At the end of the hunt, we enjoyed a little surprise.

The kids were told to check the chicken coop. So, down to the garden they went.


Inside, they found some baby chicks to take home.



Of course they had to stop and feed the chickens.


Everyone got to take home a “carrot” filled with bunnies and chickies.



Happy Easter everyone!

DSC_0383 DSC_0435


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