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Why “Paying It Forward” really works

I talk about Paying It Forward with the kids all the time and even wrote a blog about it. I did it accidentally last week – here’s the short version: a fellow blogger mom found me through Pink and Green Mama’s blog. Her kids saw her looking at the pictures of my kids and the leprechaun mischief at our house. They wanted her to read the blog over and over and over. She ended up buying all three ebooks, but realized too late that they are for ipad and she does not own one. She contacted me, I offered to print out hard copies and send them to her in Indiana. (What I didn’t tell her is that once I stated printing, I realized I was going to run out of paper, colored ink, and black ink. So I ran to Costco, mid-print, came back and finished the job, and got the books in the mail.) Small effort on my part, but it made her day and her kids’ day, and she wrotre a lovely blog about it. Check it out:


As a result of her post I got an increase in traffic on MY blog and interest in my books. Total karma.

And, because I needed an image for this page, check out what a friend gave me when we were celebrating her birthday! An awesome cookbook for me, and some St. Patrick’s Day goodies for the kids. Head gear and kits to grow shamrocks. Life’s pretty good, you know?



One comment on “Why “Paying It Forward” really works

  1. Missy
    August 15, 2019

    Hi, Michele! I just now read this post from years ago. Did you know, my children still pull out your three stories every March 1st and beg me to read to them! And they are 13 and 11 now! They’ve also roped their little sister into loving leprechaun traps. Thank you for creating a St. Patrick’s Day tradition at our house! One year when I was sick, my oldest, Liberty, took over being the leprechaun late at night. 🙂

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