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Selling our Plants at the Farmer’s Market

DSC_0217This weekend we joined the Littlest Co-op at the Ala Moana Farmer’s Market. The Littlest Co-op is a group of children who sell home-grown plants and learn about business.  In order to participate, the work needs to be done by the kids. We heard about them and decided to try it out. We had a ton of  lilikoi (passionfruit) plants that we began from seeds. We also had many pots and some soil.


The kids filled the pots with dirt about half-way.



Mom helped dig the baby lilikoi out of the ground. The kids replanted them in the pots of soil. We decided to put three plants in each pot.



Isabella watered the pots.


We made signs to label the plants and explain where they came from. The other side of the tag included our website so customers could look up Mom’s famous “lilikoi lemon bar” recipe.


Isabella used her new paper cutter to make cute tags.


Luca helped assemble the labels


They made price tags out of popsicle sticks.


Assembling the final product.


One of two bins, ready to go.


We also decided to sell some eggplant from the garden.


We arrived at the Ala Moana Farmer’s Market at 7:30 am, ready to find our co-op friends.


The kids met Leo, CEO of The Littlest Co-op.


We found out we had underpriced our eggplant, so Isabella adjusted the sign.


While were there, we took a  look around. We found croissants!


Oh, and some macaroons!


(Cool guy there – we talked about Nikon cameras and he ended up giving us several different flavors of macaroons to try. Pays to be friendly!)

Around noon, we headed back to the Farmer’s Market to see if we had sold anything.


We had! Leo’s dad showed us what we sold, and subtracted the rent ($3). The co-op pays $10 each week to rent the spot, and divides the rent between participants.


We ended up with a total of $21.


Stay tuned, as we will likely do this again!

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