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Handprint Snowmen

Make fun memories with this simple, festive craft project you and the kids will enjoy. Take a little paint, a blue ornament, some markers and ta-dah! You’ve made a handprint-snowmen ornament.


Your child can create a handmade ornament using a few simple materials. This project is quite easy and could make a cute craft for the classroom. We are making them at home to accompany teacher gifts this year. You’ll love the little personalities that came out of each unique fingerprint.




  • Blue ornaments (We found ours at Ben Franklin)
  • White acrylic paint (Also found at Ben Franklin)
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie markers



  • Older kids can paint their own hand, but help younger ones brush paint all over their hand.
  • Have your child grasp the ornament, and then help press their fingers onto the ornament to apply paint.
  • Hang the ornaments to dry.
  • Once dry, have your child adorn their snowmen using Sharpie markers.
  • Don’t forget to write his or her name and the year on the bottom.
  • Add a cute ribbon if you wish and enjoy!





  • Before painting their hand, have the kids practice a few times. Have them hold their hand open, palm up. Place the ornament on their palm and have them grasp the ornament gently. Press their fingers gently onto the ornament.
  • We hung ours to dry from the pot rack in the kitchen using paper clips.



This cute and easy-to-do Christmas project was inspired by littlebitfunky.com.




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