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Christmas Wish List Ornament


Here’s a cute way to capture a moment in time. Your child’s Christmas Wish List in his own handwriting is a priceless keepsake. Make one this year, and next year, and so on, and watch your child’s handwriting and desires change over time.



  • Clear glass or plastic ornament
  • A copy of a blank wish list
  • Artificial snow
  • Ribbon
  • A jingle bell



  1. Google images of “Christmas Wish List. “  We found this printable image at


2.  Drag the image to a word processing document and resize it so the width is between 2-x- 2.25 inch wide. Our image was 2.25 x 2.9 inches.

3. Have the kids check off if they were naughty or nice, then write what they are hoping to receive.


4. Roll the paper up with the colored side facing out. When it is inserted into the ornament, it will unroll a bit.

5. Add some artificial snow

6. Attach a colorful ribbon and a jingle bell.

7. Write the year on the ornament.



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