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Despicably Adorable Minion Easter Egg Treats

The Aucellos have not had enough of these adorable guys. We saw some Minion Easter eggs on Pinterest and had to give them a try. We also found some cute treats fillers that would work great for a party.



  • Blue and yellow plastic Easter eggs
  • Black washi tape
  • Candy eyes
  • Glue
  • Sharpie marker



  1. Separate the eggs and attach a blue half to a yellow half.
  2. Cut the washi tape into thin strips and attach one around the yellow part of each egg.
  3. Glue on an eye or two.
  4. Draw a smile and some hair on each egg.
  5. Fill with treats.


We found Minion graham crackers at Safeway and Minion Cheese Nips at Target. We found the candy bananas at Candy Carousel. Minions LOVE bananas!



Black electrical tape would work as well.

Large googly eyes can be used instead of candy eyes.

Thank you to athriftymom.com for the inspiration.


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