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Sock Bunnies


We’ve got the perfect Easter décor solution using orphaned socks; so don’t throw those mate-less toe warmers away! Have the kids dig through their sock drawer, so you can whip up a batch of Easter bunnies.



  • socks
  • yarn, ribbon, or embroidery thread
  • lentil beans or cotton for stuffing
  • pompoms (optional)



  1. Stuff the sock with lentils or other dried beans until 2/3 full. You can also use cotton. Leave enough room at top for the ears.
  2. Tie the top closed.
  3. Use a colorful ribbon to make a neck, separating the head from the body. The head will be about 1/3 the size of the body.
  4. Cut the top portion in half.
  5. Trim each half to make two pointy ears.
  6. Glue or sew a pompom on for the tail and another for the nose. You can also leave the face blank or let your child draw a face with a Sharpie.






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