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The Elf on the Shelf, 2010

The Elves on our Shelves

In 2009 we received our very first elf. We named him Jack and enjoyed seeing where he’d pop up each morning. This year he brought a friend!

Isabella immediately wrote a note. “I love you, Jack. What’s your friend’s name?”

Did you know you can register your elves online? We named our new elf Julia.

Turns out Jack and Julia enjoy reading Rudolph, watching Frosty,
sitting in the risotto pot
sleigh rides and lawnmower rides,
snoozing in the dollhouse, snuggling with some bears,

and peeking from a stocking.
They even made their OWN gingerbread house from our leftovers!
The last few days before Christmas, more elves began to appear. On Christmas morning they all sat to watch us open presents.

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