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The Elf on the Shelf, 2011

They’re BAAAaaaack….. The Elves on our Shelves have returned!

Right. After. Thanksgiving.Who could wait?

The first morning our elves Jack and Julia brought some cute new placemats. Day 2 saw new sparkly, glitter filled cups. The kids were worried the elves’ bums were getting wet. Since the rule is “no touching the elves” we had to wait a whole day to see how the cups worked.

After one particularly cool night, we awoke to find the elves wrapped in scarves,
roasting marshmallows!
The Monday after Thanksgiving, we found Jack in the lit, yet undecorated tree. But where was Julia?
The kids searched and search but could not find her. We were running out of time and had to leave for school.  We hopped in the car and Tah-Dah!
Certainly made for a quiet ride to school. The next morning, when Julia was spotted in the Grinch shoe…
… and Jack was nowhere to be seen, L darted out to the car…..
… and found him.

Looks like someone wants to watch The Grinch tonight.

Chocolate on their faces… and sprinkles…. hmm…

Elf Donuts!

Using a magnifying glass to see if they were REAL donuts

Double checking

Wiping little faces

A little help decorating the tree

Someone’s ready to make French Cookies!

One morning the elves hid in the underwear drawers. Perhaps checking to see if clean undies were donned each morning.

The kids did not find the elves til bath time at night. Case closed.

Ahhh. Calgon, take me away!

Tic Tac Toe. Julia won

At the drive-in

One morning the kids noticed that the small door way above the pantry was decorated.

Isabella wrote a note asking if people could go inside.

Jack wrote, “No, but you can peek. White door only.

Whoa. An elf portal.

They bowl. Who knew?

Luckily they leave their games out for us to enjoy the next day.

Julia in the reindeer food.


Holy cow!

They musta peeked in the advent calendar, which read “decorate cookies today!”



More snow

a message…  “Ten More Days”

… which was amended by Isabella the next day

Which kid will be the first to  unwrap one of these “presents?

busy, busy…

3 more days!

Playing Go Fish

Connect 4 with the helicopter guy

They brought new Christmas jammies!

New elves appeared the last few days. Isabella gave them each a chocolate Santa while whispering, “Can you stay on Christmas morning?”

Asking Jack and Julia to stay one more day

They did stay one last day to watch us open presents on Christmas morning.

Aloha til next year!


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