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Elf on the Shelf, 2014

They’re Baaa-ack. Jack and Julia are ready for Christmas, 2014. On Thanksgiving, we found them in usual hiding spots. The day after Thanksgiving, Jack and Julia borrowed Barbie’s camper and headed out to the Christmas Tree lot to get their tree, as we do each year. DSC_0201 The next day we were set to watch college footbal Rivalry Weekend games. Jack and Julia were clearly rooting for Michigan over Ohio State. Poor Buckeye elf! DSC_0039 Pancake Sunday found Julia and the Sock Monkey ornament making pancakes on a tiny stove … DSC_0043 while Jack hung with his Snowman peeps. DSC_0039-2 December 1st. An Elf on the Shelf Advent calendar arrives, and the placemats are set to “25 days until Christmas.” DSC_0129 The next morning we found a new pet reindeer. Unlike the elves, this little guy thrives on love and hugs and snuggles and will stay here until Christmas Eve. Our job is to fill him with Christmas love. DSC_0005 DSC_0008 Game Night! Jack scored a hockey goal against the Christmas mice.


Julia played Tic Tac Toe while the Wise Men watched. DSC_0011 The next day, we found Jack in the cupboard. He was taking good care of our new reindeer. DSC_0016 He even had apples and carrots for him! Her? We haven’t decided. DSC_0010-2 Meanwhile, Julia was suggesting we bake. With Elf on the Shelf baking cups! DSC_0024DSC_0027 Christmas camouflage DSC_0058 Nice morning for some EOTS hit cocoa. DSC_0055 Chilly nights – ready for some EOTS jammies! DSC_0008-2 DSC_0005-2 Ooh! A Chocolate Elf Making Station! Bitty Elves on the Shelves chocolates.


Julia is in charge of tempering the chocolate.


 And Jack is in charge of wrapping. DSC_0074 #(s)elfie


This one was a tricky hiding spot, since our kids do not check the liquor cabinet. Yet.


We’re going to Disney World! Jack even has Mouse ears.




Right foot, red.


Right foot, red.


Fun with the minions.


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.


Julia knitting some scarves for the Christmas mice.


Playing Magic Eight Ball with the tiny town people, who have their own tiny Eight Ball.


Hanging by their mistletoes.

DSC_0002-2 DSC_0003-3

Julia the Milk Maid.


The Advent tree was missing on morning, and then found turned upside down. Looks like the elf made them do it.


Poker night wit the Grinch. Hope Jack is wearing his poker face, because he is about to clean up!


A little night music. The Christmas mice joined in.


Julia’s turn to play poker.


Ho, ho, ho!. New duds and a beard.


Julia taking a group shot of the village people. New camera!



The next day we did not find Julia ’til the very end of the day, when someone inevitably needed a band-aid and went to the cupboard:


Meanwhile, Jack was up near the Elf Portal (an old fuse box high on the kitchen wall), holding some just-right-sized keys.


Julia, trying her hand at ring-toss.


Jack fashioned a bungee cord out of those tiny rubber bands.


Tiny tools in the hands of tiny toy makers.



On Christmas Eve, Jack read The Night Before Christmas to some ornament friends. The stockings were indeed hung by his chimney with care, and some carrots and cookies were left for Santa’s arrival.


Meanwhile, Julia took advantage of her last day in Hawaii – donning a lei and hula skirt, tropical drink in hand, hanging out on a beach chair in the sand.


Until next year, folks!


2 comments on “Elf on the Shelf, 2014

  1. mamalisa4
    December 1, 2014

    Adorable!! Ours came back too!! Love these ideas, but how do you get the kids not to touch? Love it!!!

    • mdaucello
      December 1, 2014

      The elves stayed up high the first year or so. And we did have to sprinkle magic dust on a touched elf once or twice. Touched elves don’t reappear for a couple of days, so the kids learned to leave them alone in order to see what happened the next day!

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