Leprechaun Tricks

'Lil mischief, family fun, and "Parties We Have Held"

Leprechaun Traps, 2012

The 2012 St. Patrick’s Day season was very involved. I ended up with over 160 images, which is  why I ended up writing an ebook about it. It was too much to post! Here are just some of the images you’ll find in Leprechauns in the Garden. Check out my ebook post for more information or search for “Aucello” in the itunes store. 

A leprechaun playground rather than a trap.


Tiny leprechaun door, tools, bike, and boots found in the garden:



One morning the leprechauns left a tea party, complete with lemonade and green donuts:


Glitter and confetti in the beds one night:


Another morning all of the underwear was flung around the room and a pair was even flying!


The kids used the balloons to make a hot air ballon ride for the leprechauns:

DSC_0065 DSC_0064

The next morning we found Shamrock Shake coupons in the hot air balloon:


And, of course, we had many different traps. A new one each night for almost two weeks:



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