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Leprechaun Tricks, 2010

Each year the Irish in us comes out. Big time.

In March of 2010, Isabella and Luca put their Irish roots to good work. They almost caught a leprechaun.

A week before St. Patrick’s Day, we discovered that our milk was GREEN! We noticed a note on the milk carton that said, “You can’t catch me!”

The next morning we woke up to find all the chairs mixed up. The little chairs were at the big table. The big chairs were at the little table.

We saw a little paint brush next to a note that said, “You can’t catch me!”


The next morning the water in the toilet was green!

That sneaky leprechaun.

   That night Isabella wrote a note to the leprechaun. It said, “Could you take a picture of you?” She left it next to her camera. The next morning we checked. He DID take a picture! Isabella was so excited.

This is what we found on her camera. A little leprechaun holding a tiny paintbrush, next to some paints.

What do you think he painted?

The cardboard box that held our young chickens!


He covered it in clovers. He accidentally left his little cap… and he painted a message that said, “You can’t catch me!”

On Saturday that pesky leprechaun dumped ALL of the kids clothes out on the floor and made a fort with the living room furniture. It was kind of fun getting in and out of the rooms, but not so much fun sorting through and putting away all of the clothes.

  So we decided to make a trap. Isabella included a pink hula hoop, some sleighs and other goodies from her doll house, and a green clover from the garden in her trap, then taped it shut.

    Luca thought the leprechaun would like pepperoni, clover, and some jewels. The little foodie also added tartufo salami.

    Well, the leprechaun took the hula hoop, the pepperoni, the salami and the clover. He left his signature note and a St. Patrick’s Day pin for each child. Isabella and Luca could not wait to set the traps that night!

   On Sunday night, Luca placed salami, pepperoni and some Boston Baked Beans in his trap, thinking the leprechaun liked red things.  Isabella chose green candy, thinking he liked green.

This time, instead of taping the traps closed, they left them ajar, hoping to catch the little fellow. 

    On Monday morning the kids found St. Patrick’s Day shirts inside their traps. No mischief of any kind in the house. The traps seemed to be working!

    But wait, what happened in the garden?


    On Monday night the kids chose candy for the traps. Isabella chose green again, and added a little plea for the leprechaun to return the pink hula hoop. Luca chose colorful candy since leprechauns like rainbows.

On Tuesday morning we found a sign that said, “Paint me a rainbow” next to a new set of paints and clean baby food jars. He also left his little footprints.

The kids went right to work, mixing a new palette of paints. That night Isabella painted a rainbow for the leprechaun.

It was our last night to catch the leprechaun. We set the traps. Isabella chose pepperoni and Cheerios. Luca chose Goldfish and a waffle. We set the traps next to the rainbow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The leprechaun left a pot of gold coins and honey sticks under our rainbow. He also left some Lucky Charms and a note saying, See you next year!”

    Then we noticed the leprechaun played one last trick on us. The milk in our Lucky Charms cereal turned green!


One comment on “Leprechaun Tricks, 2010

  1. Kim Cordery
    March 1, 2013

    So cute, Michelle! What a creative mom you are!
    I forwarded this to Erica and Rachel

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