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Post Halloween Sugar Shock Remedies

Now that Halloween’s over and you’re left staring at a bowlful of candy, what do you do with it? Have your children choose a few favorite pieces, then invite them to try one of the following:



  • Stick it in a big Ziploc, store it in the freezer and save it for decorating a gingerbread house in December. We make our gingerbread houses each year on Christmas Eve day. It’s a great way to channel some of the excitement and energy that Dec. 24 brings. Revisiting the Halloween stash adds to the fun. Tip: We leave our decorated houses out for Santa, who takes them with him and leaves us a thank you note.


  • See if your dentist participates in the “Halloween Candy Buyback” program (http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com). Children can swap Halloween candy for cash on Nov. 1. The candy is then sent to soldiers through Operation Gratitude.



  • Save some of the hard candy for Operation Christmas Child (see my blog on November 1 for more information).



  • Conduct fun and educational science experiments




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