Leprechaun Tricks

'Lil mischief, family fun, and "Parties We Have Held"

Strawberry Ghosts

Need a berry good idea for a classroom snack? These little ghosts are quick, easy, and cute! Ingredients: strawberries white melting chocolate. mini chocolate chips wax paper Directions: Melt the … Continue reading

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Hot Dog Mummies

Here’s a tasty treat for your little ghoul’s lunchbox. Ingredients: one tube of biscuit dough, such as Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 4 hot dogs ketchup, mustard, relish (optional) Directions: Place a … Continue reading

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Cheesecloth Ghost

Kids can help make this easy Halloween decoration.  They are so quick that you can make several at the same time and set them around the house. Materials: Cheesecloth – … Continue reading

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Toothy Grins

Looking for a healthy-ish Halloween snack? This might work for a topical classroom treat. We cut an apple in sixths, then cut the core off the back of each piece. … Continue reading

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Spider Cookies

Images of “spider” cookies have been floating around Pinterest so we decided to give them a try. They were tricker than we thought and might be frustrating for kids to … Continue reading

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Paper Pumpkin Patch

If your kids is like mine, she is ready to decorate for Halloween in September. Here’s an easy craft for the kids to make to kick off the season.  You … Continue reading

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We saw images of green Frankenstein desserts on Pinterest and decided to try our own. Since each pudding cup has the equivalent of three crushed Oreos on top, we decided … Continue reading

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Bat Mobile

Looking for a different kind of Halloween decoration? We spied this on MarthaStewart.com and tried it out. It was very easy and had many steps they kids could do themselves. … Continue reading

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Shrunken Apple Heads

Looking for unique Halloween decorations? All you’ll need is a few apples, salt, lemon juice and some pumpkin carving tools. With Halloween just around the corner, the kids might be … Continue reading

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Halloween Countdown

Are the kids excited for Halloween? Have them make a countdown tree to mark the days until they go trick-or-treating. We keep track starting October 1st  but you can make … Continue reading

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More Healthy Halloween Snack ideas

Looking for more healthy Halloween treats? Try these witch’s brooms. Ingredients: Pretzel sticks Sliced cheese, such as Swiss or Provolone Chives or green onions Directions: Unwrap a slice of cheese. … Continue reading

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Post Halloween Sugar Shock Remedies

Now that Halloween’s over and you’re left staring at a bowlful of candy, what do you do with it? Have your children choose a few favorite pieces, then invite them … Continue reading

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Ghost Necklaces

Your child can create a cute ghost necklace using yarn and glue. Make an extra one a teacher and bring it to school on Halloween! Materials: White glue Wax paper … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Shaped Gratitude Rolls

Every year, between Halloween and Thanksgiving, we write down what we are thankful for. We usually post our notes on a Thankful tree. This year we will try something different—we … Continue reading

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Simple, Kid-Friendly Halloween Crafts

Grab your toilet paper tubes and get ready to make some festive decorations with the kids. Are your kids asking to decorate the house for Halloween already? Mine are. We made … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party

We throw more parties for adults than kids! When my MOMS Club group heard about a pumpkin beer tasting at a new gastropub that was to be held right before … Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Muffins as a Healthy Halloween Treat

Since the kids are sure to get a hearty dose of sugar this Halloween, how about whipping up a healthy sweet the kids will go crazy for? My family loves … Continue reading

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Lucky Leprechaun Gardens

With a quick stop at Home Depot and the craft store, you can make your own leprechaun garden. Add a chairs for the lucky fellow to sit in, and you … Continue reading

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Shamrock Pancakes

Surprise your little ones this St. Patrick’s Day with Shamrocks for breakfast. If they ask why they are green, tell them the leprechauns must have messed with the ingredients.   … Continue reading

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A Healthy Shamrock Shake

We pass a McDonald’s on the way to and from school. Each March the kids notice the Shamrock Shake sign up and ask if we can stop. I say, “Let’s … Continue reading

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